Plastics Company Case Study

The Mysterious Sealed Room


A Central Valley plastics manufacturing company was cleaning out various spaces in their large building and plant floor in preparation for a quality and safety audit by a major customer. They serve the fast food industry and needed to make a great impression to retain and grow their business in a very competitive industry.

Some parts of the plant were no longer used due to the decreased demand during the slow economy. During their inspections and review they discovered a small room which was sealed closed. No one at the company could remember ever being in the room or seeing it opened. No one had a key!

When the plant manager finally broke the lock and unsealed the space they found it was full of drums and boxes of unknown and unlabeled liquids and other materials. Some of the packaging had crystals formed on the outside because it had been there so long.

The Challenge - Unidentified Materials

This looked like a situation which needed expertise beyond the safety training the plant personnel had been given. The plant manager had everyone stay out of the space and locked it back up in case the atmosphere inside was dangerous and toxic.

Clearly, this was a problem which needed to be resolved quickly before the customer audit which was scheduled for the following week. They needed expert help to come on site and a service which could respond quickly. They did not have time to wait for days as their audit was scheduled the very next week!

The Solution - Quick Response and Knowledgeable Experts

The plant manager called All Valley Disposal to come by the next day to assess the situation, test the space and the materials. All Valley's experienced personnel were able to safely and quickly identify the contents, take samples of the liquids, materials and packaging for laboratory testing, and review the test results.

They found that some of the material could be safely disposed of thru the use of an ordinary trash dumpster, but the drums contained hazardous chemicals.

All Valleys’ personnel quickly arranged for containment, transportation and disposal of the hazardous materials in compliance with all California State and Federal Regulations.

The remaining sections of the plant were also reviewed for proper storage of existing hazardous materials, and safety and usage procedures.

After removal of all the liquids and materials in the storage area the plant personnel were able to clean up the area.

Results - A High Audit Score and Additional Business

They were prepared for their audit with time to spare. All of the required paperwork supplied by All Valley had been filed. All of their existing hazardous materials were properly labeled. They had empty drums available on site which were also properly labeled in order to dispose of future hazardous liquids.

All Valley Disposal, Inc. put the plastics company on a periodic pickup schedule in order to keep hazardous waste from building up again in the future.

This also made the company personnel more confident about future customer audits and their ability to quickly dispose of any other hazardous materials at the plant.

The customer audit went very well. They passed with a high score and they gained additional business from the customer because their plant facility and records were in compliance.

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