Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

Q:  Can you take oil filters, absorbents, floor sweep and other contaminated waste?Unlabeled Waste Drums

A:  Yes!  We can accept or dispose of these types of materials correctly packed in drums.  See below for some packaging standards and policies.


Q:  Do you accept residential of household wastes like used oil?

A:  No - all homeowners should call the County of Fresno        1-800-CLEANUP - for information about disposal and free drop off events


Q:  Can you vaccum out sumps or pits?

A:  Yes!  We can vaccum out sumps at businesses like car washes or other automotive or transporation service businesses.  Our vacuum truck sucks water, oils and solids from sumps and pits.  Our waste oil truck can also suck the oils from other containers.


Q:  What if I've never had to dispose of any hazardous waste before?  What should I do?

A:  Any business which generates any waste will need to get an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ID # before the waste can be picked up and transported off your site.  You can apply for the ID number at the website for the California Department of Toxic Substance control - here.  We can help you get started with the required process and paperwork.

DTSC Form 1358 -
DTSC phone number assistance  800-618-6942


Q:  What should I do with old chemicals?  I don't know what is is them and they are old.  Are they still hazardous?

A:  Please call with the types of chemicals, any labeling information and an estimated volume.  We will come to your site to provide an assessment and proposal for disposal and transportation.


Q:  What should I do with EWaste like - electronic, light bulbs & batteries?

A:  All Valley can assist you with the packaging labeling and correct disposal.  For old computers we recommend that you call the Computer Recyclers USA at 877-PC-WASTE  and

or Electronic Recyclers International at  1-800-884-8466 and


Q:  What are these Acronyms about?  RCRA, CUPA, etc

RCRA - Resource Conservation & Recovery Act of 1976 -  is the principal Federal law in the United States governing the disposal of solid waste and hazardous waste (From the Wikipedia article here -

These laws determine what waste is covered under the act and what is not covered.  This determines how you can dispose of various types of waste.

CUPA - Certified Unified Program Agency - this appears at the top of your business inspection report


Q:  What types of paperwork are required?

A:  Documentation required for disposal of your waste:
We prepare a Manifest which will include your EPA ID # & what type of waste like the trade name (for example - floor sweep from maintenance) plus your business name, mailing address, the site address if different & your phone number.  We will help you select the proper shipping information for the documentation depending on where the waste will be taken for disposal or recycling.


Q:  What is a Lab Pack?

A:  A Lab Pack  is used to pack chemicals in an inventory which allows us to consolidate your waste and save you costs.  Some chemicals cannot be packaged or disposed of together.


Q:  How do the materials need to be labelled?Hazardous Waste Label Example

A:  Labeling - adding the proper material identification and shipping information to the materials to be transported and disposed of.  We also provide labels to keep your existing onsite materials in our drums in accordance with EPA regulations.



Prices are quoted on a case-by-case basis.
We normally have to come out to your site and do research in order to quote prices.

We do not accept "drop offs" at our business location

We haul hazardous waste to different facilities that will treat the waste accordingly.

We do not do septic tanks, but can recommend other area companies who do.

Requirements for Waste Packaging:

  • Outside of container is free from liquid or dried residues
  • Container sides and top are free from residue, sludge or dried waste
  • Waste residue on the outside of the container is unacceptable
  • Any spilled material must be removed from the container prior to shipment
  • All drums must be Department of  Transportation (DOT) shipable

New DOT Regulation HM215E states in part that, "there may be no hazardous material residue adhering to the outside of the package during transport."


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